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Agritek Industries Inc.
4211 Hallacy Drive
Holland, Michigan 49424

Phone: 616.786.9200
Fax : 616.786.9390
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Office: 7am-5pm M-F
Receiving: 6:30am-4:30pm M-F

Precision Metalforming Association
Agritek Industries Building

About Agritek Industries

Mission: To provide innovative solutions in engineered metal components, maintaining the flexibility to serve emerging needs in changing markets.

History: Larry Kooiker started Agritek in 1987, manufacturing material handling equipment such as tractor mounted forklifts, flex harrow tillage tines, and grape trellises mainly for the Agricultural industry.

Today those products, while they continue to be strong in their respective niches of the agricultural market, represent only one segment of our overall company strength and capacity. As the company grew it diversified into metal cutting, metal stamping and other precision engineered metal components that forms the core of the business today.

Our recognized competence in metal fabricating, specialty machining, and stamping gives Agritek a more diversified marketing scope. Today we serve customers in a variety of areas ranging from automotive to recreation, furniture, and agricultural.

We continue to expand our capabilities by seeking and qualifying unique and innovative process for metal product manufacturing.

"Agritek has a reputation for integrity, honesty, and valuing our customers. We realize that satisfied customers are vital to our future. Our goal is to build relationships with companies, based on trust and reliability. We would like to help you design a better product, produced at a lower cost".

Larry Kooiker
President / Owner
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