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Agritek Industries Inc.
4211 Hallacy Drive
Holland, Michigan 49424

Phone: 616.786.9200
Fax : 616.786.9390
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Office: 7am-5pm M-F
Receiving: 6:30am-4:30pm M-F

Precision Metalforming Association
  • Stamped Metal Sample Parts Metal Forming and Stamping
  • Machining and CNC Machining and CNC
  • Custom Welding and Fab Welding and Fabrication
  • Celebrating 30 Years Celebrating our 30th Year!
  • DS Series Drive Scrapers DS Series Driveway Scrapers
  • Agritek Building Agritek - West Michigan Manufacturing

Agritek Industries Inc. ISO 9001:2008 Registered

Design, engineering and production of metal products and production processes from a single source. From metal stamping to CNC machining, production assembly to custom welding and fabrication, Agritek builds its processes around your product. With in-house divisions focusing on wire forming and metal finishing, Agritek provides a single source solution to multiple manufacturing needs.

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Employment/Career Opportunities at Agritek

We are always on the lookout for new talent and we are always accepting applications from individuals who have T.H.I.S.

What is T.H.I.S. ? T.H.I.S. is:

  • Talent
  • Hard-work ethic
  • Integrity and a love for
  • Serving others

Please visit our Employment page for a listing of our current employment opportunities where you can download/print complete job descriptions and our employment application. We look forward to seeing what you have to offer!

Agritek named Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies award winner.

Excerpts, below, taken from original Corp! magazine article

As part of its sustainable practices, Agritek has a 525Kw solar energy system next to the building. This solar production and the cost savings that it produces is monitored carefully. "The employees at Agritek were very involved in the installation of the system and continue to be involved in the maintenance and monitoring of the system," Kooiker says. "Doing this project together brought a sense of accomplishment to everyone involved and also can be seen in the bottom line of the company as it leads to cost savings."

Sustainable practices can result in cost savings, Kooiker says. "For example, Agritek does not keep a lawn at their facilities," he says. "Not having a lawn means that no money is spent on fertilizer, sprinkling or lawn mowing services. At the same time, not having a lawn is also better for the environment as it avoids fertilizer runoff, water waste and burning of carbon fuels in the mowers. This is a win-win for both the environment and the bottom line of the company." More important, respecting the environment is the honorable thing to do, Kooiker says. "We want to take care of the things that take care of us, be that the employees that work for us or the environment that supports us,"

"Leaving nature alone and reducing our carbon footprint is the right thing to do both for ourselves and to create a brighter future," says Larry Kooiker, president and owner of the metal fabricating company. "Knowing that we are taking measures to actively reduce our impact on the environment gives us a peace of mind and a sense that we are doing right by the earth."

Agritek Ind. Inc. & HelioTek, LLC Solar Power Project

Agritek Industries, Inc. is pleased to partner with HelioTek, LLC in the installation of a 525 kilowatt solar power project on the North 3 acres of Agriteks property.

This ambitious solar project is capable of supplying Agritek with roughly 25% of the electricity it comsumes annually. Please visit the HelioTek, LLC web page for further details.

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